Tesla model3 long range 5YJ3E1EB1LF636043


A few words about the Tesla Model 3 Long-Range – (if anyone is wondering, here is VIN code: 5YJ3E1EB1LF636043)

Here are the comments of the owner who first encountered such a car.


Despite the manufacturability, the car is quite strict and ascetic in design – apart from the monitor in the middle, you are unlikely to see something cosmic here. Everything I like – the design in a minimalist style – instead of the dashboard, there is a 15-inch screen, which is unusual at first, but after a short time of use you can get used to it. Especially, when you have to look into it for several hours a day, considering our traffic jams.


There is the latest generation Autopilot. The car is fully prepared for autonomous movement. Well, that’s how it is written in the instructions. And I haven’t yet reached the point of trying.

It is written (and I used to believe what is written in the manuals) that the autopilot system consists of a radar, eight cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and a supercomputer. Where and how all this is located on the body of the car is not clear to me (somewhere the camera is visible, somewhere it is not).

But this is all waiting for its hour until my hands reach such important experiments. To be honest, these are very interesting things, but it’s not good timing now to test them.


What is the most important thing when we talk about a fully electric car (for me personally, before buying this car, oh, how interested in this question) – this is charging. I would like to avoid problems with long charging and fast discharge of batteries (as with some hundred parts. Well, you get the idea). On average, it costs 7 hours to charge (plus or minus. I did not measure the exact time). Of course, the car is charged at night. And this is enough for itself to go to work and on business around the city throughout the day. I’m afraid to discharge to zero. Therefore, I never completely ruined the batteries.

I have a townhouse, so it was not problematic to stretch the wire to the car. If, however, you live in an apartment, then you need to worry about charging in advance. For Almaty (almost 2 million inhabitants) there are only (!) 4 places where this can be charged. But standing there on duty is inconvenient. Yes, and boring.

For the most interested, there are calculators on the web that can calculate the required charging level to go somewhere. This information will also be useful to those who are viewing this car for the purpose of purchase. Here you will find information up to speed and time – here.


The most unusual thing that surprised me and what I definitely want to write about:

No car key. Apparently the future is already so close that the key to the car is yesterday. Instead, a smartphone with an installed application, i.e. You can fully get a control panel for a machine with a wide functionality up to diagnostics remotely via your phone. And there are also cards in case you want to give someone a car for use.

Glass roof, directly into the panorama. And I had a question: for what? It is not clear. For me, such chips have no practical application.

Not everyone understands how to use door handles with a “secret”, because they are made in a level with & nbsp; the surface of the doors themselves do not slide out, and in order to grab the handle, you need to press on it in a wide place, and then take it. I hope you understand what I just described. If not, read it again. But it’s easier to see how it works in practice once than to read this article many times.

Caps over (over Karl !!!) titanium discs. It is written that this is for aerodynamics. But that I very much doubt it. It looks quite unusual for a car for that kind of money.

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